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Children and Contact Lenses

Many Randolph parents ask us when they believe their child will be ready to wear contact lenses. This is especially true if the child is active in sports or other activities that can lead to the glasses being broken – not to mention children who just tend to forget their glasses in places. The beauty of contact lenses is that it allows the child the ability to not have to worry about any of items above. So what could be the problem?

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Issues with kids wearing contact

The following are concerns parents have about their children getting contact lenses:

  1. They are often difficult to insert and remove from the eye, leading to frustration.
  2. Will my child be trusted to keep good hygiene with the contacts and keep them clean?
  3. Will my child lose the contacts?

So what should I do?

Like many decision with our children, it comes down to the maturity level of the child and if they feel they are ready for the responsibility of contact lenses. We recommend daily disposables, if possible, so there is less of a concern of a financial loss of a pair is lost. Your best bet is to talk to our Eye Doctors in Randolph for further consultation and to see if your child is a good candidate.